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Namibian Heritage Week (2022)

The Museum of Namibian Fashion organized events throughout Namibian Heritage Week to promote the recently opened museum and other historic sites....

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Museum of Namibian Fashion (Virtual Shop)

Are you a…Fashion designer, Garment technologist, Textile designer, Fashion illustrator, Pattern cutter/grader, Stylist, Personal stylist/personal shopper, Fashion buyer, Fashion merchandiser, Visual...

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Vooruit Primary School-Museum Visit

We had the honour of being visited by learners from Vooruit Primary School. If you would like to schedule a group...

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Namibian Heritage Week 2022

 The theme for Namibian Heritage Week this year is “!Hao wese g//e-//xae” which means “Unity in Diversity” in !Xung.The aim is...

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Together with our project partners, the Museums Association of Namibia (MAN), the Gerda Henkel Foundation, and the Ministry of Education, Arts...

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Cynthia Schimming - Our Designer: Gone But Never Forgotten

Cynthia Schimming - Our Designer: Gone But Never Forgotten

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Vakwangali Fashion Collection

I am Maria Caley. My Vakwangali Fashion Collection was created through a practice led approach. Information was obtained from interviews and by looking at photographs and objects in local archives and museums. This process of sifting through information from different sources was vital for a better understanding of Vakwangali traditional clothing. ...

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Background to the Museum of Namibian Fashion project

PROJECT NAME: Preservation of Endangered Cultural Heritage Through Collaborative Conservation, Provenance Research And Creative Knowledge Production Using The Historical Collections From Namibia Held at the Ethnologisches Museum In Berlin (EM) And The National Museum Of Namibia, Windhoek (NMN) The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) is currently w...

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Couture by Kim Safari Line

I am a Namibian fashion designer with a background in tourism management, geography and visual arts. My collections are a result of passion and experience. My `Safari Line' is inspired by the culture and history of the Aawambo kingdoms of northern Namibia. The garments are created with the Odelela material that Aawambo people use as traditional wea...

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Creating the Museum of Namibian Fashion

Museums are the custodians of our cultural heritage. The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) believes that one of the important reasons why we should preserve artifacts is because their meaning and design can inspire young Namibians working in the creative industries. It is for this reason that MAN has held a stakeholders' workshop to discuss the ...

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