Namibian Heritage Week 2023


The Museum of Namibian Fashion has carefully chosen this year's activities following the theme, "Heritage and Culture: A rock-solid foundation," to highlight the rich cultural significance of rock painting fashion. In line with this theme, our main focus will be conducting training workshops centred around leather craftsmanship. Leather attire is prominently depicted in various rock paintings, making it a significant aspect of Namibian heritage. To ensure the widespread dissemination of cultural resources, we have designed a comprehensive plan that involves facilitating two workshops for pupils from Okondjatu Combined School and Coblenz Combined School in the Otjozondjupa region.

These workshops will span two days in each location, resulting in a four-day workshop experience that allows participants to delve deep into the art of leather product making. The workshops will be hands-on, offering participants the opportunity to learn and practice various techniques related to working with leather. They will be guided by experienced artisans who will share their expertise and traditional knowledge, passing down the skills necessary to create intricate and culturally significant leather items.

At the end of the workshops, on the final day, we have planned an exhibition to showcase the remarkable products that participants will have created during their training. This exhibition will serve as a platform to celebrate the participants' achievements and promote the fusion of heritage and contemporary fashion. Visitors will have the chance to witness first-hand the talent and creativity that arises from embracing Namibia's cultural roots. To further enrich the experience, we have arranged for one of the respected elders from the community to deliver a captivating presentation on the significance of Omushira, an integral part of Ovahereo tradition. The elder will share stories, anecdotes, and historical context, providing a deeper understanding of the cultural practices associated with rock painting fashion. Following the presentation, there will be a mesmerizing performance that showcases traditional dance and music, creating a captivating atmosphere and immersing the audience in the essence of Namibian heritage.

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