Couture by Kim Safari Line


I am a Namibian fashion designer with a background in tourism management, geography and visual arts. My collections are a result of passion and experience. My `Safari Line' is inspired by the culture and history of the Aawambo kingdoms of northern Namibia. The garments are created with the Odelela material that Aawambo people use as traditional wear. The material was Introduced by the Finnish missionaries during the colonial time. The motive behind this is to promote Aawambo culture and history by creating beautiful garments and making them available to both local and international markets. I believe these garments make an excellent souvenir for any visitor to Namibia.

The 'Safari Line' makes use of the colour palette found in Odelela prints and combines it with the typical colour and fabrics found in `safari' clothing. The clothes are resilient, but stylish. (Photo credit: Lukas Amakali and Betty Sibeso)

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